Yeouido Jazz Fireworks Festival 2019
Identity, Graphic
Brand Identity Design for Yeouido Jazz Fireworks Festival 2019

We designed the brand identity of Yeouido Fireworks Jazz Festival expressing a place for active experience and extension to an open festival. Fireworks icons embodying individual meanings and a logo with the motif of Yeouido topography can be applied as flexible identity. Gradations based on the colors of fireworks to the monotone background and the silhouette of jazz musicians and dancers’ performance were visualized as a key visual. They were applied flexibly and consistently not only to a series of posters connected as a single image with continuity but also merchandise including tickets, entrance bands, and ID cards.

Creative Director: Minkyu Sung
Project Manager: hannminn
Project Planner: Heewon Kim
Designer: hannminn, Naeun Jung, Kyungmin Kim

‘Red Dot Award : Design Concept’